Glutton For Punishment


Living Water - Second morning waking up

Well my eyes were goopy when I woke up. Guess it is still doing it’s detoxing thing. However, I feel freakin fantastic!! I woke up without dragging, full of energy, just awake physically and mentally. I can’t quite put it into words but it is almost as if my brain is functioning more efficiently.

This water is like a drug though - lol! I am constantly aware now if I am thirsty and I crave the water. I was woken up at 12:00 last night by my youngest. On my way back to bed I was thinking ooh I can get a drink of water! Normally when I am woken up like that at night (especially when it is for a while - she had a nosebleed - big mess) I am real groggy in the morning. Not today!

And the cool thing, I am not on the full amount of alkaline water - you work your way up to it. I am curious to see how things are at full blast. I am also curious to see how my body will react being off of it. I leave Saturday for Cancun. It will be a full week on the water - then 4 days off of it. I am curious to see how my body reacts. Then how it reacts again when I start drinking it again. Lots to see and understand about this water. But I got to tell you - I am for real liking it! I will keep you updated!