Glutton For Punishment


Milk frustrated!

Let me start by saying, yes I think I will argue about milk being paleo till I am blue in the face for the mere fact that I just can’t believe that caveman never figured out how to milk a cow or a goat. Times were tough - people figured things out. And the only argument I can find on paleo websites to back them up is saying there weren’t dairy farms back then. Well of course not, but you don’t need a dairy farm to milk a goat/cow.

Also, I have been reading all of these websites and their arguments against milk are all based on pasteurized/homogenized milk. That I 100% agree with - no one should be drinking that. Raw milk FTW! Pasteurization kills all of the bacteria (good and bad) in milk. If you have a good healthy, grass fed, free roaming cow and a good clean farm you don’t have to worry about the bad bacteria. Pasteurized milk offers little in terms of nutritional value to anyone. Valuable enzymes are destroyed, vitamins (such as A, C, B6 and B12) are diminished, milk proteins are radically transformed from health nurturing to unnatural amino acid configurations that can actually worsen your health. And the homogenization process is what makes most people intolerant to milk. Raw milk is not associated to the health problems of pasteurized/homogenized milk. People that have been allergic to milk can typically thrive on raw milk.

Another problem with milk - there are two types of cows, A1 and A2. Most cows in the US (and therefor milk products) are A1 which is a genetically modified cow. This modification offers a whole other world of problems that I won’t get into. Milk needs to come from A2 cows which are the originals so to speak. All data that everything seems to be based off of is A1 cows and their products that have been pasteurized and homogenized. So you see where I get frustrated? How can I believe a product is bad when all facts are based off of the wrong type of product? Something I wouldn’t drink to begin with.

I won’t even get into goats milk, which is the closest to human breast milk and has many benefits.

FRUSTRATED! I hate there being so little information based off of raw milk.

And before I step off my soap box, let me say this - I don’t even drink milk! LOL! I love my water too much to waste a liquid on anything else. I will however have a small glass if I decide that I need (yes need!=) a brownie! I do each cheese occasionally but have been known to go weeks without eating any dairy. So this isn’t me trying to justify me eating something - I just don’t get it and the facts are based on wrong information. My family (especially my three year old) does eat raw dairy/drink raw milk and honestly I feel perfectly okay about that. In fact every Wednesday, I go to pick up fresh raw milk, butter, etc for them.